For the tutorial site, Start visual explorations of your site. You will design the main tutorial page in 3 ways. Think about the content layout and how the design creates a sense of branding.


  • In Photoshop, create a full-color design of the tutorial section of your site. (The step-by-step part) Add all your text and image content. Don’t forget your logo and navigation!
  • Don’t use placeholder text – Write real copy. (Placeholder images ok for now, but real preferred) It’s ok to have a long page.
  • Create 3 variations of the page. Explore different colors, typography, and layout.
  • Save out each mockup as a .png (file > save for web)

Submission guidelines

  • Due next class 5
  • Upload your images to invision, your server or dropbox.
  • Paste the shared link to the Turn-in spreadsheet