It's midpoint in the class and that means its a good point to stand back and reflect on your own progress. For this assignment, you will write a self evaluation for both me and you to refer to.


In a text document, please answer the following questions in the 2 parts to this review:

  1. Tutorial site

    1. What feedback did you receive (good & bad) in the critique? (eg: The green background was too vibrant. The instructions for step 3 were unclear.)
    2. What are your to-do items for your designs? List your steps here (eg: change logo font, align paragraphs to images)
  2. Personal experience

    1. How well do you feel like you're doing in this class and why?
    2. What do you enjoy about the class and why? (eg: I like the code demos because they're helpful)
    3. What do you not enjoy and why? (eg: I don't like the breaks being so short. I can't go to chipotle.)
    4. What skills do you wish you could be more confident in? Any skills that you'd like me to focus/help you with)?
    5. What ways can I improve the class & your learning experience?

Submission guidelines

  • Due next class
  • Save out your text document as a pdf or html file and upload to your server.
  • Turn in link to the turn-in spreadsheet