Create a website design based around a tutorial of your choice. The site should instruct visitors on how to do something from start to finish, and why they'd want to do it. You will create the visual look and all content on the site.

Site content:

  • Written step-by-step process or tips (at least 5)
  • Photos/illustrations/videos of process
  • Materials you need
  • Description or example of completed work
  • Explanation of why you would do this tutorial (or who is this good for?)
  • Tips or descriptions of what is good or bad craft for the process


Critique process

  • For this first critique, create & present flat mockups.
  • Save your mockups as png files. You should have at least 3 designed pages (but all steps).
  • For your presentation, show your mockups on InVision or preview.
  • Walk the class through each page's content & design.
  • Explain your goals for each page and the various design motifs you used. Answer the question, “What work did you do? How does your design improve upon the competition or the original?”

Areas of focus

  • Content – does it make sense? is it good quality?
  • Branding – does it suit the subject?
  • Navigation – is it sensible, visible?
  • Hierarchy of content – are elements emphasized/deemphasized correctly?

Submission guidelines

  • Due class 7
  • Upload your pngs to InVision and turn in link on your turn-in spreadsheet
  • Present & participate in-class for the critique