The last critique will focus on the overall site design and execution. Proofread and put the finishing touches on the tutorial site.

Turn in instructions

In addition to a link to your uploaded site, turn in a link to a Named zip file . The zip file should include:

  • Screenshots: Take a screen capture of each page in your site
  • Assets: Turn in a folder of all your coded site asses: html/css/assets
  • Case study: Turn in your case study

Critique: Overall Site Design

  • A: Completed site goals were challenging, well executed, and provide a professional level of quality*
  • B: Major goals are met with only minor polishing needed to bring site to professional level quality
  • C: Some goals are met. Site could use more depth to content or design execution to be professional quality
  • D: Site goals were poorly executed leading to obvious conceptual and design issues
  • F: Site is barely functional, goals not presented or executed

*Professional level of quality includes but is not limited to:

  • Navigation is intuitive, present in right places
  • Page hierarchy is helpful, non-obtrusive
  • Branding is consistent, well represented in site style
  • Typography is legible
  • Images are of reasonable size, quality and file type
  • Code is clean, functional, editable
  • Site layout works on different browsers