Research a web design style or pattern and give a 5 minute presentation to the class. Your talk should explain what the style is, give examples of how the style is used, and then show an example of your own.

Presentation Content

  • What is the topic? (if I’ve never seen it before, describe it)
  • >2 Good examples (Why are they good?)
  • >2 Bad examples (Why are they bad?)
  • What parts are similar between examples?
  • What part are different between examples?
  • Design your own (What do you apply your research?)

Submission guidelines

  • Sign up for a presentation date in the Turn-in spreadsheet (change sheets)
  • Turn in link to your presentation (PDF or PPTX)

Suggested topics

  • Search results
  • product detail pages
  • Product comparisons
  • Profile pages
  • Rating systems: Comments, stars, etc, views
  • Signup/login pages
  • forums/comment sections
  • Multiple language sites
  • buttons
  • large body text
  • images behind text
  • icons
  • images in body content
  • Texture/photos as background
  • Videos, animation
  • Drop-down menus
  • Typographic focus (few images)
  • Graphs / Charts
  • Maps
  • Large data: Tables, lists
  • Pagination
  • fly-out menus, horizontal navigation, responsive designs
  • ads and Web banners
  • Forms: Checkout, surveys, search
  • Account settings pages